About Cataloging Fridays

Cataloging Fridays informally attempts to catalog non-book materials using MARC fields and OCLC standards. MARC was not intended to be used for these materials, and, as such, the examples will not be perfect. It is entirely possible that these examples could be done better than they are – but I have a full-time job and am doing this for grins. The cataloging here does not fully represent the instruction that I received in earning my MSI (apart from encouragement to continually strive to make myself a better librarian through research and experimentation). Apologies in advance to Dr Karen Markey, who surely taught me better. (Actually, she did – my work cataloging books and media materials is infinitely better than my cataloging of beverages and imaginary friends.)

My terrible cataloging examples may even be a bit on the cheeky side. Not that I would ever succumb to cheek.

There are many online resources I use for Cataloging Fridays. In the interest of using resources that do not take advantage of materials for which my workplace has paid, I have been sticking to publicly available free sites and links to make MARC-field decisions about non-book materials. The following is a list of helpful links that have made Cataloging Fridays possible.

Additionally, I have my own personal copies of the AACR2 (abbreviated), Lois Chan‘s Cataloging and Classification: An Introduction, and the VRA‘s Cataloging Cultural Objects.