I’m back in public libraries! And, I’m also back in Texas. Both of these things are great. A little anecdote to illustrate my love for Texas:

Today, I drove two hours to Austin to pick up barbecue that I had on pre-order from Franklin’s, because barbecue is legitimately important here. On the way back home, I took the back roads, and came across a spot with chickens in the road. When I got out to ask about buying eggs (because I now keep egg cartons in the trunk), the following conversation ensued:

Me: Hey! Do y’all sell eggs?

Man: Never sold an egg in my life. Let me show you where they are!

He showed me a small barn/coop where the chickens live with lots of bunnies and a tortoise named Darwin, and sent me on my way with a dozen free eggs and an invitation to stop by to play with the bunnies the next time I drive through.

Here’s to the boonies, brisket, Captain Underpants hold requests, and Texas public libraries.

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