Digital preservation

This is one of my favorite topics. I spent a lot of time in school studying the theories and standards and then a lot of time in internships working on actual projects. I am hoping to be able to implement some new projects at my current workplace, and along those lines attended a day-long workshop on digital preservation this past week.

A lot of the workshop was rehash for me, but that wasn’t a negative in this case. I don’t get a lot of opportunities to talk to other people with this expertise in the boonies (I use the term with affection – there were cows loose on campus at one point last week), so I enjoyed soaking it in and brainstorming for both work and personal projects.

I’m currently working on a photo archive for my family about which I’m pretty excited. Whenever I manage to have time at work to do something similar, I will, but for the time being I have a platform on which I can play with the metadata, organization, and display. The goal is to make a professional project that much more expedient whenever we do manage to get it off the ground (and, of course, my family gets a searchable archive). I have an Omeka install running a demo site, and I think I might like it enough to stick with it.

Now I get to play with Dublin Core and develop a controlled vocabulary! I love information science.

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