A take on the e-reader debate

I finally broke down and got a Kindle this summer. After debating it for years (and using the Kindle app on my smart phone and a shared tablet computer at home), it seemed like the right time.

Unfortunately, I also discovered House of Cards on Netflix the same night my Kindle arrived, so the learning curve was probably (definitely) longer than it would have been otherwise. Some thoughts:

  • I still prefer paper books (and it would appear that I’m not alone on this), but the Kindle is pretty amazing. Between July and August, I spent 3 weeks on the road and only had to take a tiny Kindle with me.
  • The back-lit Paperwhite may be my new favorite camping accessory. The battery life is impressive, and I don’t have to have a lantern on to read anymore.
  • When I am not camping, my Kindle tends to idle in a sad state of disuse.
  • I spend 2 hours of my day driving to and from work. If there were a train that went to my job on a rural campus, then that would be prime Kindle time, but for me it has necessarily been audiobook time instead.

I was hoping that the Kindle would revolutionize the way I read – and to an extent, it has, in certain circumstances – but so far, my response to a Kindle has been similar to that of my venture into the paleo diet: “Well, that was interesting, but I miss bread.” Or, paper, rather.

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