From the Microform #4: A Post Office Drama

In July of 1901, the post master of Clayton, NM resigned unexpectedly. Many people had opinions about who should be filling the position, and many wrote to then-Govenor Otero about it, as did Albert W. in whose letter we can see below: Continue reading

From the Microform #3

I wonder if the kids ever made fun of his enthusiastic flourish.

From the Microform #2

This signature makes me want to work on my penmanship. I would probably anger anyone behind me in line at a coffee shop if I tried to do this on a credit card receipt, but it would make my checks more difficult to forge.

From the 1st roll of the Spanish Archives of New Mexico microfilm – letter is dated 1716.

From the Microform #1

My library has a pretty impressive collection of microform, most of it relating to New Mexico history and genealogy. Every once in a while, I go through a roll just for fun, and sometimes I find gems like this:


Requesting information as to the cause of the lack of food and the existense of great misery among the people of New Mexico – the supposed cause being the monopoly of lands by a few persons and the mismanagement of the Ayuntamientos.

Ayuntamientos were “ethnically blind municipal governments”¹, or something akin to today’s city councils. I’m guessing by this document that the ayuntamientos may not have always acted very “ethnically blind,” or fairly in general.

As this is from the first roll in the “Spanish Archives” collection, I don’t really know why this is in English, but it was hard to pass up a line like “the existense of GREAT MISERY.”

¹Ducey, Michael T. “Indian Communities and Ayuntamientos in the Mexican Huasteca: Sujeto Revolts, Pronunciamientos and Caste War.” The Americas. Academy of American Franciscan History 57.4 (2001): 525-550. Web. 2 May 2011. Article Stable URL: